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Partygoers should have a great view during the Skyline party, dubbed Bianco, on New Year’s Eve. The bar sits on the 45th floor of a skyscraper and looks out on the city’s waterfront. Party goers will be decked out in white and can drink and dance the night away before enjoying an amazing fireworks display being held at the waterfront.

So what does spending a bitcoin get you? The Bitcoin Baller Package includes the following: limousine pick-up, 2 butlers, and a platter of lobsters, oysters, and caviar. There’s plenty of booze in the package as well as buyers also get:

1 x Hendricks
1 x Ron Zacapa 23
1 x Cordon Bleu
1 x JW Blue Label
1 x Belvedere 6L
1 x Cristal
1 x Armand de Brignac
10 x Doms

Of course, people are still free to pay cash for partying at Skyline. The bar admits that nobody has come forward and bought the Bitcoin Baller Package, whose cost currently runs close to $13,000.

Skyline Used to Cryptocurrency

The Skyline bar in Singapore has run a number of successful cryptocurrency-themed events in the past. The main focus for such events is the people working in the financial technology sector, which is booming in Singapore. The bar was also the first club in the city-state to accept virtual currency when it began allowing Ethereum as a payment option on November 28th.

Subaish Rajamanickam, manager at Skyline, says:

We had a couple of cryptocurrency after-parties here, and we have also themed a night … called Crypto Thursdays. So that basically got the ball rolling for cryptocurrency acceptance here at Skyline.

Some patrons of the club have said that they’ll continue buying drinks in cash as the transaction fees are just too high to use on buying a drink or two. Still, a single martini is a far cry from the Bitcoin Baller Package. In the end, the important thing is that more and more businesses are accepting virtual currency as a viable payment option, and it appears that such acceptance will only grow in the new year.

Would you pay one bitcoin for the party package at Skyline? Does your favorite club or bar accept cryptocurrency? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Bitcoinist archives.

SOURCE: http://bitcoinist.com/ring-in-the-new-year-for-a-bitcoin-with-singapore-bar-party-package/

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