Video Content Disruptor Flixxo Will Be Listed On KuCoin: Trading Starts On Thursday November 30 | BitCoin trends news

Flixxo combines BitTorrents and smart contracts to create the first legal, decentralized content distribution network.

Flixxo creates a P2P network where authors can distribute and monetize their own content.

They incentivize the distribution of their media and remove unnecessary intermediate parties by sharing their revenues with the “seeders” – a term coined in the torrents environment that refers to those who have downloaded content, keep it in their computer and share it.

Flixxo allows true end users to pay a fair price for watching licensed content in a friendly and safe environment.

In short, Flixxo aims to merge the best of P2P distribution networks, Video On Demand platforms like Netflix and Blockchain technology in order to create a video distribution platform that benefits both producers and consumers.

One of the most interesting aspects of Flixxo is their all-star team, it includes members that have worked on impressive projects like Popcorn time and Riecoin.

Flixxo Team Members:

Adrian Garelik – Co-founder at RSK Labs Developing Solutions for OTT. Film Producer
Linked in profile:

Pablo Carbajo – Creator of Riecoin

Frederico Abad – UX / UI Creator of PopCorn Time
Linked in profile:

Javier D’Ovidio – Co-founder and VP of Operations at EDRANS Al and Big Data
Linked in profile:

More details about the project here:

About KuCoin

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KuCoin is a newly-launched cryptocurrency exchange; it started operations in September 2017 and is already making a big impression on traders and users thanks to its innovative listings, partnerships and user rewards.

Users can earn rewards in exchange for using the platform and holding the exchange’s token KucoinShares (KCS). Dividends are dependent on the number of coins each user holds and they are paid daily.

Users can also get a discount on trading rates, or earn 40% commission by referring other traders to the platform. In total, KuCoin gives 90% of its trading fee to users, while keeping 10% for a token buyback fund.

The long-term goal of KuCoin is to become one of the top 10 exchanges in the world, they have quickly gained traction by collaborating with many established communities and listing new tokens based on user’s opinions and requests.

They are often compared to Binance thanks to their simple User interface, fast transactions, and good design. At the same time, they have gained notoriety for good customer support which has been well received by traders and users frustrated with larger exchanges’ lack of response to support requests. People have started calling it ‘the people’s exchange’.

These are all of KuCoin’s markets at the time of writing: KuCoin Shares, Monetha, Walton, Ether, Hshare, Kyber Network, OmiseGo, Everex, Eos, GAS, NEO, Red Pulse, LiteCoin, QTUM, Bytom, Civic, TenX, Status, Black Hole Coin, Modum, Change, Raiden Network, Unikoin Gold, Genesis Vision, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, and Substratum.

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